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And cue me feeling extra shitty.

Jason’s gone now but he took off half a day from work to stay with me because I was still awake when he woke up at six.  This guy needs to be fucking sainted, I’m not kidding here.  Why he does it is fucking beyond me.

I only got like two hours of sleep but fuck, that’s enough for me.  I ain’t going anywhere close to dreamland, that fucking place is full of sinkholes and noxious gas.

I guess I should go eat or something.  God I don’t fucking want to move.

been crying way too fucking much today

ugh my head hurts

jason is asleep on the couch next to me

do you think it would be bad to put on another movie?

i mean he’s a light sleeper but the poor guy is exhausted from dealing with me

hng but what if i do wake him up

he won’t be happy that i don’t want to go to sleep

why is life so fucking stupid

i’m going to do it i am not in the mood for nightmares tonight fuck this

i’m watching holes because fuck you is why

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